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Mona. Twentysomething. Slovakia. Art student. Science enthusiast. Gay. Goth. Feminist. Fangirl. INTJ. Ravenclaw. Recovering Anorexic.
Animals. Architecture. Doctor Who. Fashion. Harry Potter. Nature. Painting. Sculpting. Sherlock. Starkid. Tim Burton. Urban exploration.

I was training some drawing and since i`m totally obsessed with My Immortal Web Series (which you need to watch because it`s hilarious), who else would be better models than the fabulous Jennah Foster-Catlack, who plays the brightest witch of her age - Hermione Granger, and Justine Cargo, who plays the darkest witch of all ages - Enoby Darkness Dementia Raven Way (i think it`s celtic *thoughtfully stares into the distance*).

Please forgive me the reflections, the lightning in my room sucks (because i`m dark as hell).

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