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AmazingPhil reblogged my post. That should make me cool but unfortunately the world does not work that way.


Its horrible that we live in a world where this is happening

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When men talk of women and girls in terms of legal/not legal, what they’re really saying is “I already sexually objectify this child and would attempt to fuck her if there were no laws in the way.”

You can’t deny that is fucking scary.

Sometimes there are things that just sort of vaguely seem wrong, but you can’t put your finger on why…until it’s worded like this, and suddenly everything slides into place and you feel like someone punched you in the gut.

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troyethesexynugget asked: What did sam pepper do in his video?



Okay I’m going to answer this publicly because more people need to know.

Sam released a video where he made it seem like both his arms were in his hoodie pockets, but really one hand was behind his back. He’d then go up to girls and ask for directions to somewhere, and when they turned around, he’d grab their bums. He would then go on to say it wasn’t him and even blame other people surrounding him before laughing it off. He called this a ‘prank’.

YouTubers such as Jack Howard have reached out and directly told him to take it down and apologise, but so far he hasn’t listened. #ReportSamPepper is now trending on twitter BUT HE STILL ISNT FUCKING LISTENING.

Also I’ve seen numerous tweets and tumblr posts saying that they’ve met Sam Pepper at like vidcon or playlist and he’s just a horrible human (he likes to push and try and to tackle people, from what I’ve gathered.)

He needs to realise that not only is this offensive, disgusting, hurtful etc but it can also leave an impression on younger viewers who would think that it’s okay to go around and just sexually harass people. He needs to take it down. He has an audience of over 2,000,000 and needs to see how this is going to affect his viewers.

It’s 20 fucking 14 I mean c’mon. Irony of it though- Sam released his new video sexually assaulting girls the same day Grace Helbig released her video saying how we need to prevent sexual harassment as it is real and it is something that needs to be addressed from an early age.

RANT OVER (kinda I’m still angry)

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Sam Pepper is a dickhead and anyone condoning his actions is just as bad. There is no justification for his behaviour at all. He’s horrible. How dare he. How dare he make that behaviour seem normal. 

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just a few comments from sam peppers new video where he sexually harasses girls and tries to pass it off as entertainment. 

please do not watch it. just report it. 

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sorry im poor i cant afford to pay attention

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Reblog if you actually give a fuck about men who have experienced rape, depression, anorexia, bulimia, and have went through self harm.



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but an m and ms post gets hundreds and thousands


Tumblr. I was one of these men. I have been depressed and I was almost a rape victim. It seriously screws you up.  What’s worse is that society tells you that you’re not supposed to have feelings and that you need to man up.  Men need just as much help as women do, and their feelings are just as valid. Spread awareness and more importantly, DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM.

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i hate when guys say shit like “why would you cut your hair? guys dont like girls with  short hair” thats like watching someone else make a sandwich for their self and saying “why are you putting tomatoes in it? i dont like tomatoes”

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Flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen and then smashed.

Flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen and then smashed.

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nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures

more info about project unbreakable here

original tumblr here

previously: nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends/family

This is heartbreaking

this infuriates me.

fucking disgusting 

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i want trans kids to be safe so badly.

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If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.

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